Go Graham Go Cooks! Chicken Squares

This week Felicia from Go Graham Go is helping us stay out of the kitchen by bringing us simple recipes for busy moms!

Chicken Squares
Ingredients:1 tube of crescent rolls
1/2 cube of cream cheese
6-8 chicken tenderloins
1/2 small onion finely chopped
1 can of cream of chicken soup

Cook chicken thouroughly. Finely chop cooked chicken. Melt cream cheese for about 15 seconds in microwave for easy mixing. Mix all ingredients together.
Lay crescent rolls out flat, spoon mixture onto the biggest section of crescent roll. Wrap sides around the mixture to form a "square" or pocket. Bake according to crescent roll package. Serve with cream of chicken soup on top for gravy!

If you want, you can also shape the dough into a ring as featured in the picture above. Just lay the crescent rolls out like a star and fold over top. This is a wonderful presentation if you are having dinner guests!


Arzed said...

Sounds good;i might give it a try.. what can i substitute for crescent roll? by the way, dropped ec for you; do chk out my page, too

Felicia said...

Arzed, I guess you could substitute canned biscuits? I don't know! LOL!

Hey! Thanks for featuring my ultra complicated recipe! LOL!!

Jenny Fletcher said...

Please can you give liquid measurement for the soup - UK standard cans are not the same size and weight measurement for cheese - no idea how much 'half a cube' is - we buy cream cheese loose on the deli counter. Thanks

alissa4illustration said...

I've made one of these before. Except different. I used canned biscuits. I basically filled it was chicken salad, chopped walnuts, crasin's and cubes of swiss cheese. Then put a bowl full of cranberries in the center of the wreath.